Soccer Uniform

  1. Jersey/Shirt: The jersey is the main piece of the soccer uniform and is typically made of lightweight, breathable, and moisture-wicking fabric. It comes in two primary variations: one for the home team (usually in their primary colors) and another for the away team (often in contrasting colors). The jerseys usually have short sleeves, a V-neck, or a round neckline. They also feature the team’s logo or crest on the front, and the player’s number on the back.
  2. Shorts: Soccer shorts are also made from lightweight and comfortable materials, designed to allow ease of movement. They usually match the color scheme of the jersey and are worn above the knee to allow for maximum mobility during the game. The team’s logo or brand may be present on the shorts as well.
  3. Socks: Soccer socks are usually long and reach up to just below the knee. They are designed to stay up during the game and often have elastic bands or ribbing at the top to hold them in place. Socks also match the team’s colors and may have branding or logos.
    • 90%Polyester

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